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To say that we have done a lot of roofing over the years is an understatement! Over time we have become the most reliable and professional roofing company in Newport in my opinion – so look no further and give us a call for any roofing concerns.

Does Your shingle Roof Need Replacing?

If you have an old shingle roof, you might be thinking about getting it replaced. Replacing a roof is quite a big job, so you will want to be sure that it does indeed need replacing. However, you won’t want to wait until you get a leak, to decide. A leak can drip down and dampen the timber and plaster structures of your house, potentially adding thousands to your bill. So how do you know if your roof needs replacing? Read on to find out…

1. Loose Granules and Bare Shingles

Shingle granules provide a protective layer for your roof, but like all things, they can get old. As the granules are constantly exposed to the elements, they can become loose and fall away. You will notice that this has happened when the shingles appear to be bare compared with others. If there are plenty of shingles on your roof that appear bare, or the granules appear loose and worn, this is a sign that your roof needs replacing, as water can be let in.

2. Shingles that are Clawed or Curled

If you notice that a fair few of your roof shingles claw over, or curl up, this is another sure sign of weathering. These weathered shingles can let in water, and are also more vulnerable to the wind. They are the first to get blown off during a storm, further exposing your home to the rain.

If you see many shingles curled up, or clawed over in this way, you may want to get a roof replacement.

3. Buckled Shingles

Sometimes the underlay of the roof can have a wrinkle running through it, or the wooden deck underneath moves ever so slightly out of place. This puts upward pressure on the shingles, and over time they buckle. You can sometimes spot these buckling shingles form a vertical line on the roof, as they follow the wrinkle of the underlay.

This is bad news for your roof, as there is an increased risk of ice opening up small cracks that appear, and water can then get into the roof. You would want your roof to be looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

4. Damaged Flashings

Flashings can be found around chimneys and skylights, or any other detail of the roof that isn’t the shingle part itself. When flashings become old and weathered, the caulking can wear off or dry up. Ice can expand under the edges of the flashings and can lift them up and let in water.

If you can see that the edges of any flashings on your roof have lifted up, you need to call a professional to inspect it and secure your roof before too much water gets in.

5. Missing / Broken Shingles

If you see that there are shingles missing from your roof, or that there are badly broken shingles – you should look at getting them replaced. This is a lot easier to spot than the other problems. It lets in a lot more water than them too! Don’t wait for a rainy day to do this, as an emergency call out is a lot more costly than a pre-arranged non-urgent one.